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Hendrik Bunke h.bunke at zbw.eu
Thu Sep 5 08:46:53 UTC 2013

Hi Irina,

On 4 September 2013 14:56, Irina Bolychevsky <irina.bolychevsky at okfn.org>

> This is a great post. Really detailed, interesting and a good intro to
> working with CKAN. Would you be interested in us reposting it on the CKAN
> blog?

I'm glad you like the post, and EDaWaX (and me) would be honored if you
repost it in the CKAN blog. We'd just like you to put our logo ( somewhere.
Would that be OK?

> I would also be interested to know how we can improve the metadata schema
> support. Maybe something that can be added to the roadmap<https://trello.com/board/roadmap/50b4ef4201d86a1603002077>?
> Or we can help you in developing.

Regarding metadata Ian already gave an important hint. We'd need some
abstraction level or framework in CKAN that simplifies the implementation
of custom metadata schemes. At the moment there are too many points an
extensions has to hook in (templates, forms, validation...). That would
also be a good foundation for a more longterm project (or perhaps dream
;-): all available metadata schemas (DDI; DataCite, da|ra, whatever) are
published in XML (as XML Schema usually). I'd like to derive CKAN metadata
fields directly from those schemas. At the moment I don't have the time to
do that, but I will certainly try within in the next six month to start
that exemplary for the da|ra schema. And, of course, it would be great to
have more dev support for this.

best regards

Dr. Hendrik Bunke
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Innovative Informations- und Publikationstechnologien (IIPT)
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