[datacatalogs] Status of data catalog metadata standards

Philip Ashlock phil at civicagency.org
Fri Jan 24 21:57:02 UTC 2014

Can I get some help piecing together an overview of the current state of
data catalog metadata standards?

I'm interested in getting a rough sense of how stable or finalized certain
schemas are and how much they've have been adopted by data producers, data
consumers, and the toolchains associated with them.

In particular:

* DCAT and derivatives/serializations
* Schema.org Datasets schema
* Anything on http://dataprotocols.org

The main reason I ask is because of the future of the US Federal
Government's metadata schema and the implication of others serving metadata
based on it (such as US local governments)

For that schema, see:

This schema was driven by the US federal government, but was informed by
some existing standards including DCAT and is meant to have mappings to
them (as seen in the aforementioned link). There are variety of disparate
systems in the federal government that now publish metadata using this
schema. There's a CKAN extension to both produce and consume this schema
and there's also some support from other full featured data catalog systems
(namely DKAN and Socrata as far as I know).
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