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This might be interesting to those of you who are based in the United

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FYI, folks.  Please feel free to circulate widely.

Job Title    Editorial Research Specialist

Reports to:    Managing Editor

Location:    North Palm Beach, FL
Editorial Research Specialist
Bankrate.com is seeking an economics or data-driven journalist adept at
sifting through information to identify statistics for inclusion in
editorial content and to complement other site content.  The job will
include analyzing Bankrate.com’s proprietary rate statistics to ideate and
originate fresh interactive data content relevant to consumers, other media
and government entities. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter
experienced with computer-assisted reporting and comfortable digging deep
into statistical information to cull nuggets of relevant information to be
displayed in charts, tables and graphs.

   - Identify statistics for the creation of a regular series of interactive
   data charts. Write accompanying explanatory text for each chart.
   - Scan and dig deep for data points originating from  Bankrate Pro and
   other credible sources relevant to Bankrate content, such as public records,
   RealtyTrac, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Reserve reports, Census
   data, etc.
   - Work closely with editorial team to identify IDC ideas for content.
   - Ideate and write content for charts, maps, diagrams, tables and graphs
   to used in content and as content standalones.
   - Research other multimedia content such as galleries, calculators, video
   and blogs.
   - Curate editorial content to identify relevant Bankrate content for new
   products, partner needs and breaking news.


   - Experience manipulating database information into graphics.
   - Adept at data visualization and working with statistics.
   - Data-driven journalist experienced with computer-assisted reporting.
   - Online reporting or online editing experience.
   - Educated in economics, business.
   - 2-3 years experience in online media.

E-mail resume to: jbandy at bankrate.com
 <jbandy at bankrate.com>
About Bankrate
The Bankrate network of companies includes
, Interest.com <http://www.interest.com/>,
Nationwide Card Services <http://www.nationwidecardservices.com/>, Fee
Disclosure <http://www.feedisclosure.com/>, InsureMe<http://www.insureme.com/>,
CreditCardGuide.com <http://www.creditcardguide.com/>,
CreditCards.com <http://www.creditcards.com/> and
Each of these businesses helps consumers to make informed decisions about
their personal finance matters. The company’s flagship brand, Bankrate.com,
is a destination site of personal finance channels, including banking,
investing, taxes, debt management and college finance.

J. T. Johnson
Institute for Analytic Journalism   --   Santa Fe, NM USA
505.577.6482(c)                                    505.473.9646(h)
http://www.jtjohnson.com                  tom at jtjohnson.com
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