[ddj] Congrats to Martin Magdinier, our first data-story contest winner :)

Momoko Price momoko at buzzdata.com
Fri Oct 28 14:44:43 UTC 2011

Way to go, Martin!

Here's a quick excerpt from the blog
why Martin won:

Magdinier’s submission<http://buzzdata.com/magdmartin/water-billing-by-ward>
on its merits of accuracy and rigorous methodology, which he explained at
length at our meetup
<http://meetupto.hackshackers.com/events/32434762/> earlier
this week. While not visually or aesthetically dazzling,his
compared with less sophisticated
the dataset (admittedly done by yours truly for beginner tutorial purposes),
demonstrate how data mining results can vary widely from one end of the
spectrum to the other, depending on *how* you drill into the data.

Next contest submission will be late November — we'll be publishing the
candidate datasets to hack on the BuzzData blog this coming Monday. And
they're GOOD datasets this time ;) Keep your eyes peeled.

Hoping to get lots more submissions next time around! If you'd like to
participate, just ping me and I'll keep my eye out for you (and prod you to
get started if you need a push :D ). Also, once the new contest guidelines &
datasets are up, please, please link to and pass them on so people get wind
of the opportunity.




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