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Hey all,

This past weekend at ONA, the esteemed Michelle Minkoff and I did an
unconference session on Django. There was a very positive response from the
audience, many of whom are new to programming in general. She and I are
creating a sort of "next steps and resources" list for interested attendees.
Because one of the biggest questions was, "where can I go when I get stuck?"
we'd like to include a list of folks who wouldn't mind answering the
occasional question from people trying to learn the framework. Michelle and
I are of course excited to make ourselves available, but neither of us is
experienced enough to answer every question. I'm also planning to share the
link to this group, but sometimes posting to a faceless list is intimidating
for new coders.

So if you're interested, have suggestions for links to share, etc., hit me
up! We'd love to help bring more new Djournalists into the fold. ;)


Heather Billings
News apps developer, Chicago Tribune
Phone: (559)259-4928
Twitter: @hbillings

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