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Brilliant strategy Heather! Looking forward!


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> Hey all,
> This past weekend at ONA, the esteemed Michelle Minkoff and I did an
> unconference session on Django. There was a very positive response from the
> audience, many of whom are new to programming in general. She and I are
> creating a sort of "next steps and resources" list for interested
> attendees.
> Because one of the biggest questions was, "where can I go when I get
> stuck?"
> we'd like to include a list of folks who wouldn't mind answering the
> occasional question from people trying to learn the framework. Michelle and
> I are of course excited to make ourselves available, but neither of us is
> experienced enough to answer every question. I'm also planning to share the
> link to this group, but sometimes posting to a faceless list is
> intimidating
> for new coders.
> So if you're interested, have suggestions for links to share, etc., hit me
> up! We'd love to help bring more new Djournalists into the fold. ;)
> Heather
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