[ddj] Mapping open gov data (and dangerous food) in the Czech Republic

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing !

There was another project on the same topic recently here in China, "China
Survival Guide" an iPhone app that has been used to track food safety and

It enables user to review food products and brands to disclose info about
specific topics  : nutrition, safety, etc. It was developed by  Kingsoft
Internet Security Software helped by a bunch of Chinese netizens. The app
also use Sina Weibo (chinese Twitter equivalent) to gather netizens
feedbacks from a dedicated hashtag and channel about food safety.

Surprisingly it was well-received by the Chinese government. Guess they
need this kind of things to balance their complete absence on food safety
regulation and enforcement. This is kind of "open data" state-citizens
compromise :)

The app is a complete success with 200.000 downloads the first week - data
by very official China Daily

Some guys also did maps about food scandals in China over last years - from
their own collected archives i think : http://www.zccw.info/

Anyway that is a global issue and it is very cool to see guys like you
taking care of what governments mostly fails to achieve.
Just keep on the great job :)


2012/12/14 Josh Boissevain <josh.boissevain at tol.org>

> Hi everyone,
> Long time lurker, first time poster. Just wanted to say I recently wrote
> about my colleague;s and my experience regarding the sometimes
> not-so-usefulness of open government data and ways in which civil society
> can participate to improve how governments better package their data for
> public use.  I would love to hear any feedback (positive or negative) about
> the project.
> http://netprophet.tol.org/2012/12/14/mapping-czech-open-data-and-dangerous-food/
>  Cheers,
> Josh
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