[ddj] Two data scientist jobs at ScraperWiki

Liliana Bounegru bounegru at ejc.net
Thu Nov 22 17:32:06 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

ScraperWiki just advertised two job openings which might be of interest to
some of you. See more details below.

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From: Francis Irving <francis at scraperwiki.com>
Date: 22 November 2012 18:00
Subject: [scraperwiki] Jobs - 2 data scientists at ScraperWiki
To: scraperwiki at googlegroups.com

We're hiring not one but two data scientists / programmers in

One to be a more junior and one a more senior role.


Please pass this on to anyone you know who likes data!


Pool temperatures, company registrations, dairy prices …

ScraperWiki is a Silicon Valley style startup, in Liverpool, UK. We’re
changing how data science is done together on the Internet.

We’re looking for two commercially minded geeks who…
* Like communicating with non-technical customers
* Good at organising other geeks to make sure the job gets done
* Able to learn to code complex scrapers
Will take a lead in improving what we do – workflow and technical

To apply, send the following:
* A brief story of a time you made a company who was your
client/customer happy.
* A link to one scraper that you've made on ScraperWiki or Github,
involving a dataset that you find interesting for some reason.
8 Any questions you have about the job.

Along to francis at scraperwiki.com with the word swjob5 in the subject
(and yes, that means no agencies, unless the candidates do that

… Oil wells, marathon results, planning applications

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