[ddj] Journalism Rebooted in Buenos Aires and More

Hanna McLean mclean at ejc.net
Wed Sep 19 12:47:03 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

I have found a couple interesting bits of information that you may consider
worth reading.

The first one is about the three-day Hacks/Hackers BA Media Party, which
was at Ciudad Cultural Konex in Buenos Aires. Around 700 people attended,
averaging around 400 participants per day. The largest gathering of
journalists, editors, designers and software developers in Latin America
brought together people from the interactive teams of The New York Times,
The Guardian, and ProPublica, plus 20 international speakers from three
continents and various countries in the region, including Colombia, Chile,
Perú, Uruguay, Brasil and Guatemala, and digital editors from all of the
largest Argentine media organizations. For more information about this
event, please click

Secondly, I found a piece that addresses the question: What kinds of
stories can you find in data? If you would like to know the answer, please
take a look at the original

That's it for now. Have a great day!


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