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In case you missed this.


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Just wanted to remind you that the application deadline for the 2014
Knight-Mozilla Fellowship is tomorrow, Saturday, August 17 at 11:59pm EDT.

 * Have you been thinking about applying? Dan Sinker explained why if
   you've been considering it, now's time to take the leap and apply:
 * Do you know someone who you think should apply? Forward them this
   message with a final reminder to apply.
 * Still on the fence with questions? There's a lot more info on the
   Fellowship FAQ
but if your
   question isn't covered there, just reply to this email.

OpenNews is looking for people who love to code and want to spend 10 months
working with some amazing news organizations and traveling the world. In
2014 Fellows will be placed at: The New York Times; ProPublica in  New
York; The Texas Tribune in Austin, Texas; La Nacion in Buenos  Aires,
Argentina; and a joint fellowship with Ushahidi and Internews  Kenya. As
the distribution of news partners suggests, the program is international
and you do not need to be a U.S. citizen to apply. OpenNews assists Fellows
with travel and work visas. It is an inclusive program that seeks Fellows
that reflect the diversity of the communities it serves.

Developers, hackers, engineers, technologists, data crunchers, and other
people who like to code should all apply. No particular programming
language or development background is required, just experience with code
and an interest in journalism. The application itself (
is very quick: five questions, no brain teasers, no recommendations to
track down.

With all of that information, the last step is up to you: raise your hand,
answer a few questions, and apply to be one of the 2014 Knight-Mozilla
Fellows: http://mozillaopennews.org/**fellowships/apply.html<http://mozillaopennews.org/fellowships/apply.html>


Erika Owens
Community Manager, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews
mozillaopennews.org | @opennews
skype: erikao12 | @erika_owens

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