[ddj] EVENT INVITE: Submarine Channel Live @ EYE, Amsterdam, June 20

Katy Yudin katy.yudin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 14:42:24 UTC 2013

Dear all,

As part of Submarine Channel's new series of
events and presentations at the glimmering EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam,
we invite you to an advanced preview of the interactive documentary Unspeak
- Words Are Weapons, with special guests Steven Poole and Chris Keulemans.

*Thursday June 20, 19:30 *

*EYE Film Institute <http://www.eyefilm.nl/>** (IJpromenade 1, 1031 KT

*Tickets: **http://www.eyefilm.nl/en/submarine-channel-presents-unspeak-words-are-weapons*

Based on British journalist Steven Poole’s intriguing book of the same
name, *UNSPEAK is a brand-new interactive documentary investigating the
manipulative power of language*. Blending film-making, data, technology,
and design, the story of Unspeak unfolds across a series of short films,
interactive data visualizations, and a participatory dictionary that people
can explore and contribute to.

Through a radical collage of archive footage, quotes, and Poole’s own
enlightening analyses, Unspeak visualizes how language is manipulated
to suit political agendas, and reveals the unspoken messages and
obscured meanings behind familiar media terms such as War on Terror,
Weapons of Mass Destruction, Climate Change, File Sharing, Austerity
Measures, Erectile Dysfunction, or the Dutch word Kopvoddentax.

Launching the end of June, the Unspeak website and data visualizations
are designed by award-winning Dutch studio Catalog Tree, who
previously worked on VPRO's Money & Speed: Inside the Black Box iPad

*More info/watch the introductory episode*: http://unspeak.submarinechannel.com

 *SUBMARINE CHANNEL* is an Amsterdam-based cross-media lab that
explores new technologies to tell stories in visually exciting,
multiple format-friendly ways. Projects include web documentaries,
motion comics, narrative games, video portraits about pioneering
creatives, and more.

*STEVEN POOLE* is a British author and journalist who writes for the
Guardian, theNew Statesman, Edge Magazine, the Wall Street Journal,
and other publications. He is the author of Unspeak, Trigger Happy,
and You Aren't What You Eat, and a broadcaster and composer. He lives
in London.

Katy Yudin
Submarine Channel Editor/Creative Producer

Rapenburgerstraat 109
1011 VL Amsterdam

+31 (0)20.330.1226

katy at submarine.nl <https://kantoor.submarine.nl/webapp/index.php>
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