[ddj] Visualising the 'incidents' in Australian migrant detention centres

Andrew Duffy andrewjamesduffy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 03:06:32 UTC 2013

Hey Clare, awesome project... congrats to the TGM team. The ability to flag
incidents is a nice touch... helps spread the word and boost engagement, as
well as crowdsource the investigative side of things. Just on the technical
side... did TGM do the web development in-house or outsource it?

On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Clare Blumer <
clare.blumer at theglobalmail.org> wrote:

> Hello All,
> Here's a data project from *The Global Mail*'s data team in Sydney,
> Australia.
> *http://www.theglobalmail.org/blog/day-by-day-in-detention/635/* for
> context.
> *http://behindthewire.theglobalmail.org/* for the 'Behind the Wire' viz.
> The Australian government imprisons asylum seekers or migrants who
> have arrived by boat in detention centres for long periods of time. The
> data team has done a fine job of focusing the audience on the stark reality
> of the 'incidents' that happen behind the wire at these facilities. We're
> very proud of the project and invite you to participate in 'flagging'
> incidents, 'adopting' incidents and spreading the word worldwide of the
> ongoing humanitarian crisis of refugee detention in Australia.
> *http://behindthewire.theglobalmail.org/*
> We welcome feedback of any kind on our site, or please email me directly
> if you prefer.
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