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Michael Swigert michael.swigert at nyu.edu
Fri Mar 1 22:31:16 UTC 2013


Are you interested in corporate accountability / social responsibility /
investment issues involving businesses with complex, multinational
ownership structures? Do you do ever investigate business ownership parent
trees by requesting information from company registries or by using new
platforms like OpenCorporates or DueDil? Would you be excited to have
easier access to data about company ownership to inform your work?

If so, we'd like to talk to you!
I am a graduate student at New York University's Wagner School of Public
Service working on a team student consulting project for the UK Companies
House and Delaware Secretary of State Division of Corporations. We are
exploring how these company registries might make the data about business
entities they collect more free and open online and why doing so could
promote the public interest in areas such as anti-money laundering,
corporate accountability and consumer empowerment.You can learn more about
our project on our blog http://opencorpdata.com

Email me at the address below, or get in touch via twitter @OpenCorpData.

Many thanks!
Mike Swigert
Master of Public Administration | Candidate 2013
New York University | Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
E: michael.swigert at nyu.edu| P: 703.472.4520 | skype: mikeswigert
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