[ddj] Data/ Video mashup

Cristian Giulietti crigiulietti at hotmail.it
Wed Mar 13 14:33:30 UTC 2013

Hello everybody, My name is Cristian Giulietti, an On-line journalism student currently exploring new ways to mash up data journalism with other forms, like audio and video. Being a fresher in data and their visualizations, and seeing the power of them in storytelling, I would like to see what a data-based multimedia product may look like. An example is represented by the guys of InfoAmazonia who are doing a great job by using data and satellite's pictures, but what I would like to see is the contrast between data visualizations/infographic and videos/audios. Any clues about examples in the Web or tools worth to explore? Thanks very much in advance. Cristian  		 	   		  
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