[ddj] Join us in creating a data journalism handbook for Latin America

Miguel Paz ohmyblog at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 20:07:08 UTC 2013

Hi everyone (sorry if this is a cross post)

This is an open invitation to anyone with the skills to participate in
this collaborative project.

The Iberoamerican Data Journalism Handbook (Manual de Periodismo de
Datos Iberoamericano) will be written in our own languages (spanish,
portuguese) by volunteer journalists, developers and designers from
Mexico to Patagonia and Spain, with the mission of showing the state
of data journalism in Iberoamerica, explaining how to do data
journalism in our countries, improving our networks of communication,
helping our community accelerate its learning and providing it with
the tools to do better journalism.

It will include:

The best parts of the original Data Journalism Handbook and other
manuals licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. Unported.
Guides and tutorials on subjects such as databases, deep Web research,
data mining and scraping, data visualization and mapping, open data,
access to public information and cyber security, among other topics.
The best tools, examples and open source code projects.
Country reports on:
Data Journalism (who does data journalism in each country, which are
the notable cases, etc)
Existence and quality of press laws, information and transparency (is
there any, do they work, what does not work, how to address these
issues by country).
Open data and open data government policies.
You are more than wellcome to participate!

English post: http://ijnet.org/blog/join-us-creating-data-journalism-guide-latin-america
Post en español:
Post na portugués:


Miguel Paz

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