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Marcelo Träsel marcelo.trasel at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 23:28:58 UTC 2013


My name is Marcelo, I'm a journalist and teacher from Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Also, I'm currently researching DDJ for my PhD.

I have been looking for websites and weblogs edited by the DDJ community,
but so far have achieved only modest success -- and that's one example of
why I have always lamented the death of the blogroll.

Would anyone know where I can find a comprehensive list of weblogs and
websites about DDJ?

Of course, there is the Source (http://source.mozillaopennews.org), but
data there is hardly structured, and you have to click in every profile to
find Twitter users etc.

As a structured list of data journalists/developers blogs and sites may be
of interest for all, I have started one:


Anyone can contribute - and reuse, of course!

Best regards,
marcelo träsel
marcelo at trasel.com.br

Da habt ihr's nun! mit Narren sich beladen
Das kommt zuletzt dem Teufel selbst zu Schaden

                      -- Goethe, Fausto II
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