[ddj] Relevant Meetup Dec. 11 in San Francisco - Building a Wearables Database with Scraper Tools, Crowd-Sourced Data Cleaning and a Database/Visualization Tool

Alex Salkever alex at silk.co
Wed Dec 3 00:48:41 UTC 2014

Hi, everyone on the DDJ List:

If you are in SF, this event might be interesting. It's not directly DDJ
but everything being taught is essentially transferrable as a DDJ skillset
and to practicing DDJ story building.

I'll be presenting fo Silk and taking data from Kimono that is then
augmented by CrowdFlower's distributed workforce to additional data and
relevance. This is an interesting pathway for DIY Data Journalism without
heavy reliance on complicated tools. Silk and Kimono are free. CrowdFlower
is very affordable. The data is coming from Google Shopping as a base
source. Oncethe data goes into Silk, we'll do some quick analysis and
visualizations, Plus free beer and pizza!


Collect, Clean and Publish A Wearables Database Online

Join CrowdFlower <http://www.crowdflower.com/>, Silk <https://www.silk.co/>
 and Kimono Labs <https://www.kimonolabs.com/> at CrowdFlower's office in
the Mission
beers and pizza and see a live demonstration of all three applications.

You'll not only get to meet the team, but also see how easy it is to
extract data from a website with Kimono Labs and then enrich your collected
data with CrowdFlower and our 5 million online contributors. Finally you
will learn how to use Silk to easily publish your rich, clean data online
and then visualize it as maps, charts and galleries.

Alex Salkever
Data Journalism Curriculum / Growth
www.silk.co / @silkdotco <http://www.twitter.com/silkdotco>
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