[ddj] Maps/dataviz built into scrollable story-telling - examples?

Björn Schwentker mail at bjoernschwentker.de
Wed Dec 17 08:38:06 UTC 2014

Hello everybody,

I have a project where I would like to build data visualizations,
especially maps, into a scrollable story-telling onepager like this:

I would be most thankful for any examples of similar things that have
been done before.

It seems to me that especially maps inside such a scrolling environment
are not very common. I wonder why and if I simply have overlooked many
examples. I am not thinking of embedded maps that are fancy animated
simulated camera flights or such. Rather simple things, that are
presented big, i.e. as a whole page (or significant part of it) within
the story: Interactive maps with location dots and info-window popups or
interactive choropleth maps (be it self-made with D3, Raphael, or using
other services like google, OSM, CartoDB, Mapbox...).

Thank you very much for you help!


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