[ddj] Network analysis for everyone: Detective.io leaves private beta

Nicolas Kayser-Bril n.kayserbril at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 09:40:36 UTC 2014

Dear list,

Quick news that can be of interest to those of you interested in networks:
We've just opened Detective.io <http://www.Detective.io> to the public.

Detective.io is a tool for collaborative network analysis that we built to
work, among other investigations, on "The Migrants Files" (a count of
refugees and migrants who die coming to Europe) and on the "Belarus
Networks" (how the Minsk elite is connected).

Here's a short list of what's new:

   - We gathered feedback from 700 beta testers around the globe, mostly
   working as investigative journalists and analysts at international
   - Anyone can import data from a CSV and visualize it as a network
   - We made private investigations free for all
   - We made a visual data structure editor so that anyone can customize
   the structure of a new data collection. In short, Detective.io can save you
   a lot of money if you plan a special app: it takes care of all the back end
   so that you can focus on the front.
   - A custom API is created for every data collection, so that integration
   with an interactive app is seamless
   - We reworked the network visualizations and they're now embeddable into
   news articles.

Don't hesitate to ping us if you have any questions!

Nicolas Kayser-Bril
@nicolaskb・GPG key at
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