[ddj] JournoCoders group, Berlin, 6 August

Zara Rahman zara.rahman at okfn.org
Wed Jul 30 12:47:59 UTC 2014

Hi Matthew,

Have you already come across the Hacks Hackers
<http://www.meetup.com/Hacks-Hackers-Berlin/>community in Berlin? The
description you just gave sounds really similar; they've been holding
monthly (roughly!) meet ups for a couple of years now, count over 800
people in the meetup group, and are super friendly. Might it be worth
combining efforts?

Lucy Chambers (on this list) and Annabel Church (cc'd) are coordinating
the community here in Berlin, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you.



On 28/07/2014 17:10, Matthew Linares wrote:
> We invite you to join the Berlin
> "Journo-Coders"
> group as we prepare for the November Slow Politics conference at
> Supermarkt.
> This is an open, working group of journalist, coders, activists and citizens concerned with the impact, network, future of journalism. Come and learn, discuss, share and build new solutions with new and creative journalistic techniques.
> *August 11th, 6pm*,
> *
> Berliner Gazette Office,
>  Danzigerstr. 31
> (hinterhof)
> , Berlin
> *
> We will kick off with a guest presentation of the "MigMap"
> project <http://www.transitmigration.org/migmap>:
> A 'virtual cartography of European migration policies' this mapping project charts discourses on migration in European politics, with a focus on post-1989 conditions.
> We will then continue our discussions from the last MeetUp in July which focused on the Migrant Files <http://detective.io/detective/the-migrants-files/> and considered working with similar data at our November Hackday.
> If you are thinking of coming, please RSVP Magdalena Taube, mt at berlinergazette.de <mailto:mt at berlinergazette.de%3F>
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