[ddj] JournoCoders group, Berlin, 6 August

Matthew Linares matthewlinares at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 28 15:10:08 UTC 2014

​We invite you to join the​ Berlin
​ group as we prepare for the ​November Slow Politics conference at

This is an open, working group of journalist, coders, activists and
citizens concerned with the impact​,​ n​etwork​,​ ​f​uture of
journalism​.​ Come and learn, discuss, share and build new solutions
with new and creative journalistic techniques.

*August 11th, 6pm​*,
​Berliner Gazette Office,​ Danzigerstr. 31​ (hinterhof)​​, Berlin

We will kick off with a guest presentation of the "MigMap"

project <http://www.transitmigration.org/migmap>:

A ‘virtual cartography of European migration policies’ this mapping
project charts discourses on migration in European politics, with a
focus on post-1989 conditions.

W​e will​ ​then​ continue our discussions from the last MeetUp in July
which focused on the Migrant Files
<http://detective.io/detective/the-migrants-files/> and considered
working with similar data at our November Hackday.

​If you are thinking of coming, please RSVP Magdalena Taube,
mt at berlinergazette.de​
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