[ddj] Beta test Terra Incognita

Catherine D'Ignazio dignazio at mit.edu
Mon Jun 2 18:43:06 UTC 2014

Hello all -

I'd like to invite you to help us beta test "Terra Incognita: 1000 Cities
of the World", a global news game and recommendation system created at the
MIT Center for Civic Media. Terra Incognita recommends you news about world
cities that you don't otherwise read about.

To participate, you need to install the Terra Incognita Chrome browser
extension from the store:


And then use the Chrome browser to browse the Internet as you normally
would for 30 days. You will have to fill out a couple of forms on the way
to accessing the application since this is part of our beta user study.

Happy exploring,
Catherine D'Ignazio, Matt Stempeck and Ethan Zuckerman
MIT Center for Civic Media

PS: Contact Us
To report bugs, suggest features or ask questions, please email Catherine
at dignazio at mit.edu. I want to hear from you so please don't hesitate to
get in touch.

PPS: Data Collection
Our data collection policy is spelled out in detail in the user consent
agreement. The short version is that Terra Incognita collects the urls from
your news browsing history and uses that to see which cities you have read
about. We define news as anything that MediaCloud collects which is this
list of sites - https://terra-incognita.co/data/whitelist.txt. Terra
Incognita does not have anything to do with your email, your Facebook, your
Twitter, your Google docs, your etherpads or other personal information.
You may opt-out of Terra Incognita at any time and take your data with you.

Catherine D'Ignazio
Research Assistant, MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media
dignazio at mit.edu   ||   kanarinka at ikatun.org   ||   @kanarinka   ||   +1
617 501 2441   ||   www.kanarinka.com ||
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