[ddj] Hacks/Hackers BA Media Party 2015 save the date! 27th-29th August in Buenos Aires

Mariano Blejman marianet at he.net
Wed Apr 29 13:10:10 UTC 2015

Hi guys, here we go again... hope to see you all in Buenos Aires this year.
Soon you will be able to propose workshops, keynotes, media fair projects
and hackathon projects at mediaparty.info.


Rebooting journalism

For the fourth consecutive year, the three-day event
<http://mediaparty.info> Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires Media Party
<http://mediaparty.info> <http://mediaparty.info>will bring together
journalists, software programmers and designers from four continents to
work together for the future of the media.

The productive conference will be held August 27-29th, 2015 in the City of
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

*Hacks/Hackers BA Media Party* is the most ambitious media hand-on event in
Latin America where open web, open software, open content, open knowledge
and entrepreneurship gets together to spur innovation.

The Media Party is organized by Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires
<http://meetupba.hackshackers.com/> (HHBA), the local chapter of a global
network that brings together journalists and programmers; this organization
in Buenos Aires has now reached 3,800 members, and it is the biggest
chapter in the world.

In this fourth consecutive edition, we hope to increase exposure,
international attendance and workshop offerings. In the past editions,
among attendees has passed through representatives of multidisciplinary
teams from The New York Times, The Guardian, Boston Globe, Zeit Online,
Chicago Tribune, NPR, ProPublica, as well as Knight News Challenge winners;
innovative tools like DocumentCloud, Poderopedia, Zeega, Ushahidi,
Overview, and the ones built on Knight Lab at Northwestern University,
Knight-Mozilla OpenNews fellows with Dan Sinker and Knight Stanford Fellows.

Also, the event has counted with strong presence from Mozilla Foundation
keynote speakers and we have also received participants from East Europe
(SourceFabric), Asia (Sasa Vucinic) and Africa (Africa Media Initiative)
and Knight Fellows from the International Center For Journalists.

In the three past years, the Media Party brought together more than a
thousand people, positioning the event as the largest of its kind ever to
be held in Latin America. Apart of the keynotes, we hosted more than 40
parallel workshops, and a closing hackathon helped projects to scale and to
make them global.

This year’s event will follow a similar format. During the first two days,
participants will attend to talks led by international experts during the
mornings, to learn about tools and work being done in the field. The
afternoons will feature learning by doing workshops on data journalism,
citizen journalism, utility news, revenue streams, open data applications,
metrics, etc. Participants can also visit the Media Fair about tens of
regional and world class initiatives and meet project’s creators. On the
last day, Saturday August 29th, a large hackathon will close the event,
working to develop innovative proposals generated within the community.
Innovative projects across the region will converge during three days in
Buenos Aires.

*In the past years, the Media Party has been continuously supported by
Knight Foundation, Knight Mozilla Open News, International Center For
Journalists, Mozilla Foundation, AMI, HIVOS and the World Bank Institute,
among others big organizations and local partners, and has made his first
experiment of replication in Miami, February 2015, with Florida
International University and Hacks/Hackers Miami.*

Mariano Blejman - Knight International Journalism Fellow
International Center For Journalists
mblejman at knight.icfj.org
Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires
marianet at he.net
mob: +5491150080629
skype: jfk_knoppixxx
twitter: @blejman @supleno @cult_digital @hackshackersba
LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/97kuH9
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