[ddj] Researches on open data quality & journalism

François Paquot Francois at paquot.be
Thu Apr 30 16:17:35 UTC 2015

Hi all,

As part of my research on data journalism, I am currently investigating 
the issue of public sector open data quality, and more specifically 
about enhancing their quality through their re-use, namely by 
journalists, their associates or their audience.

Could you tell me if, inside of your editorial board, you have conducted 
projects based on, or involving the use of open data, and, through your 
work, contributed to:

- Improve the documentation of any data set,
- Report/correct errors inside any data set,
- Co-produce new data in collaboration with public services,

either as part of a partnership with a data provider, or by downloading 
openly available data on the web.
All options might include using or even developping tools to this end, 
such as wikis, crowdsourcing platforms, etc.

I would be most thankful for documented examples of any related work you 
have done.

With my best thanks for your attention to my request, and for anything 
you can do to help me in my endeavour to create quality documentation 
about this topic.

Please feel free to forward this mail to any connections if you deem it 

François Paquot

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