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See attached PowerPoint of a 2012 presentation at NICAR 2012 that Cheryl
Phillips and I did.  Note, in my case, slides 5-8, stories from 1997 & '98
in St. Louis and more recent work in New Mexico.  Then follow on to
Cheryl's work in Seattle.

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On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 10:17 AM, François Paquot <Francois at paquot.be>

> Hi all,
> As part of my research on data journalism, I am currently investigating
> the issue of public sector open data quality, and more specifically about
> enhancing their quality through their re-use, namely by journalists, their
> associates or their audience.
> Could you tell me if, inside of your editorial board, you have conducted
> projects based on, or involving the use of open data, and, through your
> work, contributed to:
> - Improve the documentation of any data set,
> - Report/correct errors inside any data set,
> - Co-produce new data in collaboration with public services,
> either as part of a partnership with a data provider, or by downloading
> openly available data on the web.
> All options might include using or even developping tools to this end,
> such as wikis, crowdsourcing platforms, etc.
> I would be most thankful for documented examples of any related work you
> have done.
> With my best thanks for your attention to my request, and for anything you
> can do to help me in my endeavour to create quality documentation about
> this topic.
> Please feel free to forward this mail to any connections if you deem it
> useful.
> François Paquot
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