[ddj] Need answers from data-driven journalists to create a great toolkit for influence mapping projects !

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Mon Aug 17 07:06:43 UTC 2015

 <data-driven-journalism at lists.okfn.org>Hey Data-driven Journalists,

Here is an important project I am working on at the moment. I am an applied
researcher working at iilab <http://www.iilab.org>. I would be grateful if
you could share it with people who fit in the scope of the project! Do not
hesitate to reach out directly either on lilas[at]iilab.org
<lilas at iilab.org> or influencemapping[at]iilab.org <
influencemapping at iilab.org>



*Are you just starting an influence mapping project - using data-driven
methods to map out economic and political influences and documenting
relationships between people, organizations, and political processes?* We’d
like to ask you a few questions about your project so that we can build a
tool to help people who are beginning. We would like to have your answers
by the morning of *Thursday 20th August if possible.* If this deadline is
too short, please just send us a note to let us know you’re interested in
participating and we’ll make sure to engage you throughout the design

*Help us help people like you*
We have been asked by the Influence Mappers community to help create a
resource, for now nicknamed Influence Mapping Toolbox, which will help
newcomers (and more experienced people too hopefully) get started, learn
and achieve their influence mapping goals.

We have a small team at iilab working on this: Kat, Head of Research and
Design, leading the research effort, assisted by Lilas, Research Associate,
and bringing Jun in when needed (for instance on the technical aspects). We
can be reached at influencemapping at iilab.org.

If you're interested about what our process will be, you can find out more
by reading this or get in touch and we'll be happy to give you more details!

*A few questions*
We’d like to hear about you and your project. It will help us to better
design the Influence Mapping Toolbox for keen influence mappers. We’d be
grateful if you’d also share this email among your team so that we can hear
a variety of perspectives from your project. If you write a few sentences
per answer, this should take about 10 minutes.

*First, tell us about your project:*
What is the main motivation for your work?
At what stage of your project are you?
Specifically what are you trying to get out of mapping influence? eg: Are
you trying to discover something, tell a story, create a visualisation of
the network space?
Is the project voluntary, commissioned, funded?
Is there an existing influence mapping project or tool that inspired you to
start your own?

*And now tell us about you and your team:*
Who makes up your team, what skills do they bring to the project and what
are their roles?
Where are the members of your team based?
Please give us three examples of projects, people or resources that you’re
planning to consult / have already consulted to help you learn about how to
conduct an influence mapping project, and tell us why they interest you

How can an Influence Mapping Toolbox help?
What is the most challenging aspect of influence mapping for you?
What are the main skills you feel you’re missing?
Have you identified tools you want to use for your project? If so, what are
What is the most pressing question that you need an answer to in order to
move forward?

Finally, would you be happy for us to contact you for more input at a later
date? If you’d like to get more involved in shaping the Influence Mapping
Toolbox, please get in touch.

If you’re interested in actively being part of the Influence Mapping group,
do head over to their Google Group and take a look at what others in the
community are up to.

Thanks for your help!

Very best,

Kat, Lilas and Jun
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