[ddj] tutor referral for basic ruby and HTML?

Ilan Brat ilanbrat at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 03:12:21 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for recommendations for someone who may be willing to tutor me
by phone or in person on some basic Ruby and some html. I am in the US and
so someone on the US time zones may be better. I know that this is
something that if I put my butt in the chair long enough, I could learn it
myself, but something has come up which is driving some additional urgency
and a bit of time crunch for me.

I would pay the tutor, of course, for his or her time. Do you have any
suggestions of anyone I should consider contacting? Please feel free to
reach me off-list at ilanbrat at gmail.com

Thank you!
--ilan brat
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