[ddj] new research tool for searching two million hours of television news

kalev leetaru kalev.leetaru5 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 15:01:30 UTC 2016

I thought many of you would find of great interest my latest collaboration
with the Internet Archive - this time to create a new research
visualization tool that allows you to visualize two million hours of
television news programming spanning the last 7 years.

You can specify any keyword and/or context keywords (allowing you to run a
"near" search like "clinton NEAR email) and create a timeline charting by
day how it has appeared in American television news over time and what
networks focus the most on it.

Unlike the Archive's primary Television News interface, which returns
results at the level of an hour or half-hour "show," the interface here
reaches inside of those six years of programming and breaks the more than
one million shows into individual sentences and counts how many of those
sentences contain the given keyword. Thus, instead of reporting that CNN
had 24 hour-long shows yesterday that mentioned Donald Trump one or more
times, this tool counts how many sentences uttered on CNN yesterday
mentioned his name - a vastly more accurate metric for assessing media

CSV and JSON output are also available to make it easy to import the
timeline into the analytic package of your choice like R or simply Excel
for further analysis. More features will be coming over the next few months.



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