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Matthew Linares matthew.linares at opendemocracy.net
Thu Jan 7 16:41:34 UTC 2016

Dear list,

We at openDemocracy are looking for a team or agency who can scope, design,
build, port (old material) and (ideally) maintain a whole new website for
us. We are currently on Drupal and need a complete refresh of our entire
site, back and front, archive and future material. We are happy to hear
proposals on any framework/technology from Wordpress, to Rails, to
white-labelling your own CMS and beyond.

This is clearly a large and complex project and I have only found a few
serious teams who could take it on, but I'm sure there must be others I'm

We are an ambitious media enterprise with hopes for a platform which will
incorporate a range of forward-thinking media and community features. We
need to find a team who can meet this vision with us!

If you know where/who else we can ask to find relevant agencies, that would
also be very useful. Related ddj question from Oct 2015

All leads appreciated.

Thank you!

Matthew Linares
Technical & Publications Coordinator
openDemocracy.net <https://www.openDemocracy.net>
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