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Riccardo Valletti riccardo at datatellers.info
Thu Jan 7 17:20:03 UTC 2016

Dear Matthew,

I think you could keep your Drupal core (depending on the version you are
running, otherwise you could upgrade to a newest one) and concentrate on
the fronted development of the site. I mean that Drupal is probably the
best CMS, or one of the best, for large scale production on contents and
for massive users, and at the same time it gives you all the capabilities
to run a community both back and front of your newsroom; and you can
personalize it with ease using tons on modules and plugins that are already
on the market. This doesn't mean that the work will be effortless, but
probably the energy you are saving this way on the backend side will allow
you stronger investments on the frontend site, that is actually what your
users and readers are going to care about.

Drupal themes went much far in the past two years, and starting from them
you can develop your own personalizations to make your readers user
experience unique.

We are a data journalism agency focused on interactive contents, and we are
not applying to your call, this wanted to be a small advise from someone
who passed through this. Hope to be helping!

Write me in case you need some advanced content for your audience!

Good luck with your re-style!



2016-01-07 17:41 GMT+01:00 Matthew Linares <
matthew.linares at opendemocracy.net>:

> Dear list,
> We at openDemocracy are looking for a team or agency who can scope,
> design, build, port (old material) and (ideally) maintain a whole new
> website for us. We are currently on Drupal and need a complete refresh of
> our entire site, back and front, archive and future material. We are happy
> to hear proposals on any framework/technology from Wordpress, to Rails, to
> white-labelling your own CMS and beyond.
> This is clearly a large and complex project and I have only found a few
> serious teams who could take it on, but I'm sure there must be others I'm
> missing.
> We are an ambitious media enterprise with hopes for a platform which will
> incorporate a range of forward-thinking media and community features. We
> need to find a team who can meet this vision with us!
> If you know where/who else we can ask to find relevant agencies, that
> would also be very useful. Related ddj question from Oct 2015
> <https://lists.okfn.org/pipermail/data-driven-journalism/2015-October/002222.html>
> .
> All leads appreciated.
> Thank you!
> Matthew Linares
> Technical & Publications Coordinator
> openDemocracy.net <https://www.openDemocracy.net>
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