[ddj] Seeking datasets of music lyrics in Spanish and Portuguese

Catherine D'Ignazio Catherine_Dignazio at emerson.edu
Tue Jun 28 21:42:29 UTC 2016

Rahul Bhargava and I are working on improving and rolling out Spanish and
Portuguese language versions of our tool http://Databasic.io and we are
trying to include culturally appropriate sample data for the different

We'd specifically love to find:
1) Corpuses of music lyrics by musician for popular spanish-speaking and
portuguese-speaking artists. For example, the english language version has
all of Lady Gaga's lyrics that you can analyze.

2) Interesting/Fun/Popular data sets in spanish and portuguese* in the form
of spreadsheets*. Like, maybe the performance of football teams over time.
Or data sets of UFO sightings.

Anyone have leads on open data sets in spanish and/or portuguese? Thanks in
advance for any help!

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