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Hi peeps

I'm building a *musictech startup fandation.co/about
<http://j.mp/aboutfandation> * (mission & vision).

*THE PROBLEM*Billions of dollars went into music business disruption over
the past 20 years, very little of which went to musicians and instead
eroded their livelihood. While royalties in general will improve, *it has
been more difficult than ever for musicians to monetize their music*. There
is nothing more abundant online than free music (except cat videos).

Fans know how to engage with artists — they know how to find artist
websites, their social presences, they know how to find other fans. They
know how to sign up to your email list. But *do artists actually know how
to engage with their fans* (by means of exception : Lady Gaga & ‘Little
Monsters’ fan website)?

*Music is not a product, music is a service facilitating storytelling.*
True storytelling is facilitating reputation and fan relationships, what in
return facilitates recurrent financial support for a creator.

I'm convinced the business value for a 21th century musician is not just
his music anymore but the true digital story of this / your idol as an
experience. I call it *the creator DNA : his lifelog, opinions, moods,
accumulated talents, inspirations, etc.*

I'm inspired by *three trends*

   1. the *Quantified Self *movement
   2. *Data Visualization *(cf. Data Journalism)
   3. simplicity of and willingness to share *Infographics* (cf. 'Study:
   Millennials spent more time on text and video, but gave more praise for
   photos, infographics' http://j.mp/2bSjJ1G, 'Why Content Goes Viral: What
   Analyzing 100 Million Articles Taught Us' http://j.mp/2bONPQE).


*We accelerate independent / DIY musicians’ careers* via a direct-to-fan
(top 10%-30% of fans) interactive interface vibewall® for *data-driven
visual storytelling, reward-based fan engagement and subscription-based

I'm a Belgian (living in Antwerp) digital sales & marketing guy with a
vision to improve the DIY musician's career. I'm *looking for a data geek* *to
help me ethically scrape musician related DBs and for data mining for a
dataviz storytelling prototype / MVP*, e.g. polygraph.cool/miles/

I would like to start with mapping of singles / EP / albums / remixes and
their relations / popularity index, and of lyrics e.g. what word(s) is
(are) commonly used.

I've already compiled a list of the most relevant DBs and scraping tools.
More ideas are welcome.

Do you believe in my mission & vision? Do you believe in a better world for
DIY artists? Are you into dataviz storytelling? Then* I would like to
welcome you via daniel.vidovsky(at)gmail.com <daniel.vidovsky at gmail.com>*

*Sharing is caring. *Thank you.

Best regards

fandation® - fans, facts, fun, funds

@danvidsky - #fantivist #BeMusicTech
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