[ddj] Datasets and volunteer data engineers for journalism projects

Jonathon Morgan jonathon at goodattheinternet.com
Sun Mar 5 22:29:39 UTC 2017

Hi all,
In December I started Data for Democracy, a community of data scientists, data
engineers, and other technologists that now has nearly 1,000 members. For
starters, we have some open data projects that might be useful in your work,
like historical county-level election results  dating back to 1988, and
historical Medicare drug spending data. But beyond that, we have a large,
engaged group of software engineers, machine learning experts, and statisticians
who are interested in collaborating on social impact projects. If you're trying
to find, prepare, analyze, or visualize data in your reporting, I bet you'll
find a few collaborators who are willing to help.
Feel free to reach out to me personally (jonathon at datafordemocracy.org) if you'd
like to join the community and connect with people interested in volunteering.
We'd love to help!
Over and out,Jonathon
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