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May I add that to my blog(s)?  I've already written about data-centric
journalism (that's how I find you all) and journalism/media/news in
general, and do a semi-regular news digest.

On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 5:29 PM, Jonathon Morgan <
jonathon at goodattheinternet.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> In December I started Data for Democracy <http://datafordemocracy.org/>,
> a community of data scientists, data engineers, and other technologists
> that now has nearly 1,000 members. For starters, we have some open data
> projects that might be useful in your work, like historical county-level
> election results <https://data.world/data4democracy/election-transparency>
> dating back to 1988, and historical Medicare drug spending data
> <https://data.world/data4democracy/drug-spending>. But beyond that, we
> have a large, engaged group of software engineers, machine learning
> experts, and statisticians who are interested in collaborating on social
> impact projects. If you're trying to find, prepare, analyze, or visualize
> data in your reporting, I bet you'll find a few collaborators who are
> willing to help.
> Feel free to reach out to me personally (jonathon at datafordemocracy.org)
> if you'd like to join the community and connect with people interested in
> volunteering. We'd love to help!
> Over and out,
> Jonathon
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