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Fri Nov 16 11:50:45 UTC 2018

Hello all -

Lauren Klein and I have been writing a book called *Data Feminism* which is
an example-driven account of how feminist thinking (very broadly construed)
can be applied to the field of data science and communication.

We use many examples of data journalism in the book and articulate data
journalism as a key and exciting area that is using data to challenge
structural inequalities and power imbalances of various kinds. THUS we
would very much welcome this community's feedback on the first draft.

The actual book will come out in 2020 with MIT Press but we are doing an
experiment with them to engage in open peer review as part of the process
-- You can view and comment on the manuscript on the site here:

Please let me know if you have any questions and share widely and comment
profusely :D

Many thanks,
Catherine D'Ignazio
Catherine D'Ignazio
Assistant Professor, Emerson College
Senior Fellow, Emerson Engagement Lab
Research Affiliate, MIT Center for Civic Media
@kanarinka | www.kanarinka.com | 617-501-2441
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