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Dear All,  I've just sent an email via the data-edu-au listserv including a
calendar invite to a google hangout meeting next Tues the 20th.  Could you
please confirm if you got it as I'm still configuring the listserv with the
correct spambots.  Best, DFF

On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 8:36 AM, David F. Flanders <dff.okfn at gmail.com>wrote:

> *Dear Friends of DATA.EDU.AU*,
> The below OKFN listserv is now alive and kicking, as founding members of
> data.edu.au I've made you all list moderators-admin.
> I've added some very brief descriptions of each of you and your role in
> this effort on the listserv admin page (in hopes of encouraging you to get
> onto the listserv and make amendments as admin).
> *As for introducing our merry band, the founders of this group include: *
> *Rhys Francis* is the godfather of data.edu.au, the one who said let's
> make this happen and most importantly got the domain name.  Rhys is also
> the one who will be the spokesman for this group AKA the person who will be
> taking any friendly fire :)
> *Mat Wyatt* is the developer working on pulling together a collection of
> data to put into our inaugural CKAN system, Mat is a wizard at all things
> data crawling and munging (let alone geo). Mat will be working with Alex to
> get the data into the system, and with Steve(B) & Steve(C) to get CKAN
> ticking over on OpenStack. Welcome Mat!
> *Steven Bennett* [Steve(A)] is the developer who is working on getting
> CKAN up on OpenStack along with Mat and Steve(C) along with understanding
> the administrative interface and how the thing works in the real world.
> Welcome Steve!
> *Alex Sadler* is one of the lead developer behind data.gov.au and has
> experieience battling the CKAN APIs, Alex will be working with Mat to get
> the data into the first version of CKAN.  Welcome Alex! Welcome Alex!
> *Simon Brenan* is the developer who will be helping us route the IP and
> domain names accros the system, so naturally he'll play a key role once
> SteveB & SteveC get an instance up and running. Welcome Simon!
> *Steven De Costa* [Steve(C)] is the CTO of the company that hosts CKAN
> for data.gov.au and has additional staff who battle with the maitenance
> of CKAN everyday so his knowledge on how to keep the thing ticking over
> will be essential very soon, let alone working with Steve(B) to get the
> thing up on OpenStack.  Welcome Steven!
> *Chris Gutteridge* is the lead developer of DATA.AC.UK and has been
> running his instance for over a year now.  Chris is not one fo the best
> developers I know in the UK but has battled several political onslaughts to
> make data.ac.uk happen.  Welcome Chris!
> *Steve Androulakis* [Steve(A)] is the lead developers of the synctroons
> data store, his understanding for how to deal with big data along with
> taking feeds off of scientific instruments and piping them around places is
> going to be essential. Welcome Steve!
> Last but certainly not least is *Pia Waugh*, Director of DATA.GOV.AU.
>  Pia is also the chair for the OKFNau Board and leader of the massive
> GovHack movement.  Pia and I will be pushing forward the conversation
> around Academic and Government sectors working together more on Open Data!
>  Welcome Pia.
> *I'm truly excited to have such an amazing group of people who like to
> *make stuff happen* and change the world! *
> Now we just need to get the thing built, filled with some data and
> launched!
> First things first, I'd like to schedule a google hangout to talk things
> through, email coming soon.
> Kind Regards,
> David F. Flanders
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> You can even customize these web pages from the list configuration
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> There is also an email-based interface for users (not administrators)
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