[datahub-discuss] Help needed! Sorting out new DataHub.io users with organizations

Richard Cyganiak richard at cyganiak.de
Tue Mar 10 08:02:18 UTC 2015

Hello datahub-discuss,

The DataHub is churning along nicely, and continues to fill a niche as an open public repository where those without sufficient institutional backing can publish data for free. Last year’s spam problems are solved by the introduction of organizations, and new organizations sign up at a good rate.

To protect the site from spam, we had to introduce a manual step. New users submit a helpdesk ticket requesting an organization to be created. Ross and me get an email notification, and create the organization on datahub.io. This usually takes a minute or two, and there’s maybe 5–10 requests per week.

My priorities have changed due to a new job, and I’d like to adjust my commitments (and inbox contents) accordingly and thus will retire from my role as DataHub support volunteer.

Is anyone else around here willing to step up and help out for a while, to give back to this great resource that Rufus, Ross, et al. are running for the community? As said, just takes a few minutes per week and sometimes gives interesting insights into the organizations and demographics that engage with Open Data.

If you can help out, please get in touch and we’ll show you around.


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