[drn-discuss] Some recent press stories

James Heald j.heald at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Oct 12 09:19:16 CDT 2005

Rufus Pollock wrote:
> James Heald wrote:
>> Would it be worth setting up a wiki page to track stories on 
>> copyright/DRMs/enforcement/piracy ? (eg along similar lines to FFII's 
>> software patent news page,  http://wiki.ffii.org/SwpatcninoEn )
> [snip]
> Really good idea so you'll be happy to know it already exists in the 
> form of a drupal install here:
>   http://drn.okfn.org/
> There are already several people posting news and events (more or less) 
> regularly on a variety of issues such as patents, copyright, DRM, F/OSS 
> etc. Anyone who wants to post just needs to register and then mail 
> drn-admin at okfn.org to get contributor/admin privileges.

Yeah, I'd seen that page.

A blog is all very well, but I think that there are some real advantages 
to providing a page like Swpatcnino, which can aim to be pretty 
comprehensive in terms of links, but limited to just a one-line summary 
for each item.

(just Date -- Country/Region -- Source -- Headline -- any further 
note/link/other reference).

In particular

* the bar is much lower for people adding stories, if they can just put 
up the link, and don't need to add any commentary.  (Though they could 
write and link one if they want).

* it's useful to be able to scan through just the headlines, as a short 
index -- much easier than scanning down a whole blog; and easier to find 
or spot new items.

So hence my suggestion, for someting much more like 
http://wiki.ffii.org/SwpatcninoEn   and much less like a blog.

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