[epsi-coord] Mapping EU ePSI sources

Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Fri Apr 1 09:28:34 BST 2011

Hi Ton, Antti, all

I was hoping to catch up on this earlier. We discussed before that one of the first tasks of OKF would be to help aggregating a comprehensive list of relevant PSI sources.

Unfortunately we did not jet clarify what this list would include. Ton has started the Google reader feed - witch is great. I guess that we also what to aggregate more information, by country like

1. Organisations / NGO
2. Projects / Civil Society
3. PSI re-use Companies
4. Other Institutions relevant to PSI and policy making
5. People / Movers inside Government
6. People / Movers outside Government
7. People / Movers Civil servants

For most of them we ideally would like to have 

- Name, Title, Address, Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, E-Mail, Phone

Do to privacy reasons we might not publish all of this in a "huge public Address book" but I think we will need it internally. Katleen said she is looking at the privacy issues of collecting personal data.

However I *really* would like to get this rolling and suggest that we do it country by country. So Antti  could start with Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic. Wile I could do Germany, and eastern Europe.

Wile we digg into PSI in these countries we should of corse add relevant sources to the Google Reader.

Also the question is what tool to use?  Professional customer relation software or simple Google Spreadsheet? 

Sounds like a plan? Other views on this?


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