[epsi-coord] Mapping EU ePSI sources

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Would you have time for a Skype call tonight?
Op 1 apr. 2011 10:28 schreef "Daniel Dietrich" <daniel.dietrich at okfn.org>
het volgende:
> Hi Ton, Antti, all
> I was hoping to catch up on this earlier. We discussed before that one of
the first tasks of OKF would be to help aggregating a comprehensive list of
relevant PSI sources.
> Unfortunately we did not jet clarify what this list would include. Ton has
started the Google reader feed - witch is great. I guess that we also what
to aggregate more information, by country like
> 1. Organisations / NGO
> 2. Projects / Civil Society
> 3. PSI re-use Companies
> 4. Other Institutions relevant to PSI and policy making
> 5. People / Movers inside Government
> 6. People / Movers outside Government
> 7. People / Movers Civil servants
> For most of them we ideally would like to have
> - Name, Title, Address, Website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, E-Mail,
> Do to privacy reasons we might not publish all of this in a "huge public
Address book" but I think we will need it internally. Katleen said she is
looking at the privacy issues of collecting personal data.
> However I *really* would like to get this rolling and suggest that we do
it country by country. So Antti could start with Finland, Scandinavia and
the Baltic. Wile I could do Germany, and eastern Europe.
> Wile we digg into PSI in these countries we should of corse add relevant
sources to the Google Reader.
> Also the question is what tool to use? Professional customer relation
software or simple Google Spreadsheet?
> Sounds like a plan? Other views on this?
> Regards
> Daniel
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