[epsi-coord] Are we ok with moving forward with data migration?

Tom Kronenburg tom.kronenburg at zenc.nl
Wed Apr 27 15:18:01 BST 2011

so then who's doing the visuals?

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Op 27 apr 2011, om 16:06 heeft Ton Zijlstra het volgende geschreven:

Note this is the data migration, not building the site! Also Peter indicated it may well turn out to be closer to 5k Euro, it all depends on some choices we make (which I am sure will be sensible :) ) in the process. He'll bill by the hour, with the 7k5 max as cap.

For the site itself we haven't put anything on paper yet, as I am also still considering working more local on that (if that speeds things up.) Peter is willing to help there as well, except for graphic design of course. He can start on making the migration work, while we figure out the website stuff in the coming week or so. Am of course willing to use him for all of it, site and migration, but he suggested to get this down on paper first, and I agreed with that.

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