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Dear Richard, Juan,

We can certainly continue addressing the Consultation on Scientific Information , and I am more then willing to send an e-mail to our mailinglist. Last friday we already published a news message on the consultation.

Due to the holidays, I suggest we wait for a bit, and send an e-mail when more people have returned to the workplace. Right now, a lot of people are on holidays, and our mail would likely disappear in the thousands of mails people encounter when returning from holiday. I imagine that sending an e-mail end of august would yield more results. Also, i wouldn't want to 'spam' the mailing list by sending an e-mail on this subject twice.

Hence, i propose the following:
- We'll make sure to put a message on the scientific information consultation on the homepage of the EPSI PLATFORM, for the coming weeks.
-  We'll send out a message to the mailing list around the 20th of august.
- We'll create one more news items on the consultation in a week or two.
-  We'll tweet about the consultation a number of times. Already we have had 15 re-tweets last week.

How do you feel about all of this?

Kind regards,

Tom Kronenburg

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I have spotted this on the "News Highlights" on the platform Web site and on Twitter.

Are you also planning to send this information to the mailing list ? This seems to me to justify a special ad hoc message.


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Hi everybody,

Could you please pick up in the platform that an online consultation has been launched on Scientific Information.




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