[epsi-coord] topic reports / workload / engagement

Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Sat Jun 18 10:57:51 BST 2011

Dear all,

first I would like to ask how was the DAA? And say again that I am very sorry for not being able to attend. 

Second I need to say that I realise that I have a serious problem with workload in June. OKCon is just ways more time consuming than I ever thought and also I have a lot of todos with deadlines just at the same time at my job at University. So long short I think I will not be able to write the topic reposts on Bulgaria and Romania within the scheduled time. 


I am very unhappy because I think my engagement in the team was not very high until now and definitely ways behind what I would have liked! I will change this and plan to dedicate more time to the platform from beginning of July.

For now the only thing I can do is ask if there is any way to postpone the two topic reports to mid July? If you think this is completely impossible please let me know and I will have to find a way to get it done. 

Again I am very sorry and apologies!


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