[epsi-coord] short phone call w Juan / Monday conf call

Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Fri May 27 10:10:51 BST 2011

Hi all,

Had a short phone conversation with Juan just now.

The meeting on Monday, they want me to literally make minutes, for their
internal use only. And to tweet about it. And judging by earlier e-mails
there will be no reimbursement of costs for travel.

Juan does also see it as an opportunity to catch up on what is happening
with the platform. So I think this may be a more important reason to get me
to Luxembourg.
He mentioned hoping to hear/see more on

the changes to the platform interface
the progress on the Topic Reports
the progress on the Dashboard

So it would really be helpful to have the Dashboard proposal finished in a
document (not as e-mail), as Marc suggested and we discussed last Monday.
And Tom sent around the new version of the first TR yday, so that is
The first sketches of the platform are also available. So I think that is
enough material.
(and will try and publish some more stuff on the platform, I got two guest
blog posts in the mail yday, and there's the legal case Katleen and Marc

I will also meet Juan in Madrid on June 9, so if we by then have again some
new things to show him (like the next version of the site sketches, first
version of next TR etc), that would be good. I hope to have a framework for
the narrative database for him by then as well.

However, as I will be in Luxembourg on Monday, I will not be able to join
and chair the conference call. It is also formally the last Monday of the
first three months into the contract, so our revolving chair mechanism will
kick in after Monday. Tom, as you're next on the list I think, would you be
able to take over the call on Monday? I will report back on Tuesday with
Juan's feedback.



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