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Ok, then let's skip it...

@all: the Technical Report is ready, proofread by Pat, Ton will get an e-mail with the pdf to send on today.
@Ton: please check whether the list of Fact Sheets in the Technical Report is correct...

@ton: have you notified Pat that a number of Fact sheets will be coming her way?

@Daniel: when will your TR be ready?
@all: I have not received feedback on the list of TR's for coming months, any new ideas from you?

@Marc: will you be calling Juan? How do we go about this now? I doubt the Dutch ministry will sponsor the event, so we'll need to make sure we get some funding from someone...

@all: I have been working on the PSI Scoreboard, how would you feel if we send out a first set of scorings to Juan shortly with 4 country's? Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland?
@Daniel: when do you have time to also do a Scoreboard Session on Germany through skype?

Regards, Tom

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Op 21 nov 2011, om 11:27 heeft Marc de Vries het volgende geschreven:

Dear all, further to Ton’s and Hans’ message, I would rather skip this weeks’ conference call. Reg. M.

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Hi all,

I’m in much the same situation, except that I’m travelling to the Czech Republic this afternoon, and thus will probably not be able to participate either. From my side, the main update is that I’m working on the two new case reports that I still wanted to deliver; at least one of those will be ready by the end of the week.



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Onderwerp: [epsi-coord] Update, conversation Juan

Hi all,

As I am traveling to Finland this afternoon I won't be in the call today. But there are some things to share of course.

1) I've made some progress on the narrative database design last week. I will work at it again on Friday, which should result in the first 'questionnaire'.

2) Thursday I hope to finally finish up the fact sheets

3) I hope to go through the tech report on the flight to Finland today, as I haven't gotten around that last week in Poland.

4) Juan phoned me about the conference. He thinks the programme is too ambitious, doesn't want NL as a location, and wants it in March to time it with the review process. He will send written comments today, and then Marc can have a conversation about it. I've sent Marc my notes from Juan's phone call.

5) They will create funding for researching PSI re-use barriers, for which we can apply as well. (Maybe a route to step-up report producing, while getting paid more)

6) TRs on Portugal and Parliamentary data have been approved. I will publish them this week.

7) Work on the redirect fixing is being continued this week, esp on the old 'PSI Library' section.

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Ton Zijlstra

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