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Fri Sep 2 11:47:46 BST 2011

Hi all,

Yesterday Tom and I met up with Juan in Luxembourg to discuss our progress
with the epsiplatform work.

He started with a warning, that the current level was not enough to ensure
payment in November. This was of course before we showed him our work we did
during the summer holidays.

He also acknowledged we did some things not in the contract (such as
note-taking at various events)

We explained where we are with the website, and he seemed pleased with how
that looked. I am trying my best to get our new site on-line this month.
He also wanted to see more interaction on the site (comments etc.), and
suggested we let him know how we intend to do that (already mentioned that
the new site makes also the interaction on Twitter and elsewhere visible,
not just what happens on the site itself).

We gave him the TRs and he told us to be careful and consistent with
language and presentation. He was pleased to hear we hired Pat.
We suggested a number of new TR topics, which Tom will mail him for him to
give his ok on.

He generally wants us to be seen to be more pro-active. This is primarily
because he needs to be able to show his boss stuff is happening. So we need
to  make a point of letting him know what we are doing, as a lot is simply
invisible on the site by definition.

For the conferences: get a short description/proposal to Juan this month on:
when, where and why there, target audience groups, possible EC contirbution
in terms of speakers/presence we envision. So his boss can decided if he
wants to attend or not. Give them ideas on what we want to do on the
conference. Ideas on speakers (again said: no usual suspects. and he
indicated Ton is now a usual suspect as well for instance), make it
attractive to specialized press (magazines etc.)

Scoreboard: He wants a scoreboard that gives all countries at least 50% of
the points. So use indicators that look at key elements of the PSI Directive
(he thinks this is in current proposal not the case, 'as if you don't
understand the directive') Then add things that cover the extras: who is
moving to marginal costing, has a real portal, redress mechanisms, promoting
PSI re-use.  Have a look at OECD indicators for inspiration or as source.
(this is what the OKF's Open Knowledge Index does as well)
In the e-gov action plan monitoring PSI is a key action. They told MS that
our scoreboard would be part of the way this gets adressed. So we may be
called upon to go with Juan to high level meetings to present the results of
the scoreboard, and talk about the indicators. This is urgent to him now, he
doesn't want to stand there empty handed. So get a reasonable list of
indicators, including with how the MS now score on that. Maybe already show
something on PSI Group meeting (13th Sept!!!)

He wants more showcases/products shown. New is more important than country
of origin. Can be very local, very niche. But let it be examples that can be
quoted, referenced. He's tired of seeing the same examples everywhere: 'apps
were great last year, but now the novelty must be in what the apps actually
do', so apps that do well somehow commercially are of interest.

He wants us to do a quick analysis (as in next week) of the outcome of the
public consultation on Scientific Information. He's prepared to waive a TR
for it.

He's worried about the impact of budget cuts and austerity measures on the
PSI re-use momentum. So good examples are needed. And we need to bang the
drums. Told him I am now looking into how to actually save money with open
data for governments.

I will go through this set of rough notes for actions. One action Tom and I
agreed on yesterday: let's have a weekly point in our confcal: what to send
Juan. So we regularly feed him with things he can talk about with Richard
and others.



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Ton Zijlstra

ton at tonzijlstra.eu

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