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Hi Marc, Tom, all,

As discussed on the phone action is needed on the PSI Scoreboard proposal.
Juan also mailed today asking about it.
As since the meeting with Juan most of us were absent, not a whole lot has
been done to address these issues. Which means we have a busy week ahead of
us to get things in order before Oct 1. Also remember that the next payment
is due in Nov, and current status is that we're not living up to
expectations as Juan indicated.

10 indicators is ok. Make them smart/measurable. Do not distinguish between
small and big countries ("Malta knows they're small").
Countries should at least get 50%, so have indicators that ensure that:
transposition etc.
Use the key aspects of the PSI Directive (see his remark "you seem to not
understand the directive") as indicators. Then add things as which country
is implementing marginal costing, who has a portal, redress mechanisms, or
is actively promoting PSI re-use.
Possibly look also at OECD type of indicators (not sure what Juan meant by

The role of the Scoreboard has been made bigger. It's part of the key
actions for the e-gov action plan under the DAE. We may get invited to
explain/defend the scoreboard at a high level event.

He liked the presentation suggestion we showed but said content needs to
trump cosmetics.
It seems Juan would like to see not just a proposal for indicators but also
examples of how those indicators work out for some MS.

My rough notes from the conversation on the scoreboard:
"*had wanted a first set of figures. Seemed to him we do not understand the
directive: key issues based on directive. don't distinguish between small
and big countries. Legislative area: compliance, courts. Precook so that all
get 50%. *

*Who is marginal cost, portal, redress, promoting PSI. Can be 10, but make
them smart. *

*In the e-gov actin plan: monitoring PSI is a key actions. May be invited to
high level event to present and negotiate indicators. OECD etc. URGENT. *
*Get a reasonable list, and see if we can test. PSI Group Meeting.*"

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