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Wed Dec 5 10:31:22 GMT 2012

Dear all,


Monday we had a lengthy chat on the Warsaw Conference. The logistics are to
a large extent dealt with, as well as the program. The crucial thing right
now is to (a) market the event and (b) get the speakers in. To remain within
planning, we need to do this in the coming 1-2 weeks.


As discussed, we allocated the task to invite speakers between ourselves.
Essentially, there are three roles: (a) the team leader over the session
(you) that has the overall responsibility and coordination over the session
(b) the moderator (possibly also being one of the speakers), who is
responsible for the substance of the session and the plan how to go about,
including time management and keeping the speakers on a leash (c) the
speakers who will give short presentations about the subject of the session.
Yesterday I sent you draft letters that you can use to invite your speakers
as well as follow up templates your moderators can use towards the speakers.
So the sequence of things is:

1.       You identify and invite your speakers and moderator (draft
invitation sent to you on Monday)

2.       After confirmation, you call the moderator and discuss with him
your and his/her ideas as to the substance

3.       After that the moderator picks this up and fines tunes everything
with the speakers (draft follow up messages to moderator and a draft for
him/her to sent out to the speakers sent to you on Monday)

4.       You keep the coordination and you are the linking pin between your
session and the project


To give your speakers an idea of where you would like to head with the
session, you need to expand a bit on the title of the session, preferably in
the form of a dilemma or description of the tensions or big questions
surrounding this issue. As an example, I drafted something on the session of
liability and charging. I would be pleased if you could do so by next
Monday, allowing me to also include this in the program.





Short description


Transport Data: from local to national to European




Open Data and liability: fiction or faith?


In spite of large ambitions in the field of open data, governments are often
scared off by potential liabilities that may arise when opening up data for
re-use. What are the type of risks we are talking about and to what extent
are they real? Assessing this, what are the yardsticks to be applied? And to
the extent that they are real, how can they be addressed? This session will
provide all answers!


Open Data in Poland: the state of play




Charging policies in practice: experiences from the Satellite data domain 


Should governments recover parts of their public task costs from charging
for re-use, or should they rather provide the data for free? The new
European GMES program that will start off in 2013 will generate an
unprecedented amount and quality of satellite data: Where this is a 'new'
type of PSI, without charging policy legacy, it provides a perfect case for
addressing this charging dilemma, that may teach us wise lessons for the
future. Anybody interested in pricing of PSI should not miss this one. 


Privacy by design: 




Being small: incubating Open data policy in small countries 




Big data and open data: two of a kind?




Licensing of Open Data: Creative Commons, own or none... what is needed?




Crisis and open data: a show stopper or accelerator?




Let's turn this last ePSI event into a real success and let's make sure we
enjoy it.





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