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Marc de Vries info at devriesmarc.nl
Thu Dec 13 13:39:45 GMT 2012

Dear all,


The Warsaw Conference will also feature two side events, being: an ePSI
sectoral workshop on Thursday 21/2, and the Polish Open Data day on Saturday


Logistically, we can use the offices of Lukasz
(http://en.centrumcyfrowe.pl/kontakt/), for both days which is about 5k away
from our Hotel the Castle Inn (I have been there before and I think it would
be good if we all stay there, @all, please agree, @Tom, did you manage to
check availability and prices?). Obviously, we will need to organize these
events as well, at least to some extent. Below my thoughts hereon, for your


1.       Sectoral workshop

This should be a similar thing like we did in Helsinki. So 30 people max, a
clear issue to be discussed and a concrete outcome. We agreed that the theme
will be: Open Data, returns for the public sector. Obviously, this entails
that we will concentrate on participants from the public sector. My idea
would be to rely as much as possible on the speakers and moderators that
will come the day before anyway. To organize this thing, we need:

.         A clear objective

.         A plan for the day, including an outcome sought

.         An allocation of tasks

.         A long list of participants

.         An invitation letter

.         A follow up letter

.         A distribution plan for the outcome

As the big conference is consuming a lot of my time, I would need somebody
to step in and take some of the burden.


2.       Open Data Day

Secondly, there is the Open Data day on Saturday. Here I think Lukasz and
his mates will do most of the work, but he indicated that he would
appreciate help organizing a kind of Hackaton. I have not done this before,
but possible others within our team have. There are also some Dutch guys
(Paul Suijkerbuijk and Frank Verschoor) that have already offered to help
out. To help opganizing this, we need to:

.         Agree with Lukasz on the form and substance

.         Define our own role within

.         Start marketing the event, including connecting it to our


I suggest you give these points some thought and we discuss this at our CC
coming Monday. Can you please make sure that you are there. If you can not
make it, please let me know now, so we can reschedule and make sure
everybody is there.


Please also follow up on the other points (getting the participants on board
for your sessions and describing your sessions).


Reg. M.



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