[epsi-coord] contours ePSI 2013 Conference

Marc de Vries info at devriesmarc.nl
Tue May 1 14:06:34 BST 2012

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for this.

Indeed, it would be good if you could touch base with your contacts to see
whether they would be interested (too). 

Obviously, if we work with two (or more) hosts, they (or rather their
interests) will need to be compatible. Nevertheless, at stage we should
explore all possibilities and not sell ourselves to anyone (yet).

Reg. M.

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Onderwerp: Re: [epsi-coord] contours ePSI 2013 Conference

Hi Marc,

thanks for this draft. I think its a good staring point. I have added some
comments but basically my comment is that we need to elaborate more on the
"Hows", e.g. 

- how will the conference be different form prior conferences
- how will we attract those stakeholders that have been absent in the past? 
- how to identify them?
- etc

Other than that I think its a good idea to go ahead with the polish
partners. Do you think I should also contact my contacts to see if they
would be eager to support this?

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